Payment System:

Payments can be made a number of various ways:

Major credit cards
Check by US Mail
*Check by Fax

* Check by fax is a system whereby you fax us a copy of the check you write
for payment and we use the information on the check to produce a duplicate bankable check.
This check we deposit for immediate credit.

Payments are expected as follows:

A. We must receive payment at the initiation of the sketch phase.

B. When construction drawings are required, this a 3 phase arrangement:

1. When this service is desired and we are contracted to continue the sketch phase,
thus perfecting the concept and moving toward construction drawings.
An additional $200.00 deposit is expected.

2. When sketches are approved and we are instructed to begin construction drawings
an additional fee is required which will bring the total received by
us to become 1/3 of the total job fee.

3. When construction drawings are complete you will be notified.
Upon receipt of our final fee, the printed plans will be shipped to you via UPS or Fed Ex.