Construction drawings to include

1. Working floor plan, drawn to scale, with all necessary dimensions and notes.
It will have windows and doors with there identifying schedules.
There will be a plan showing all electrical outlets, fixtures and switches.
The plan will locate all plumbing fixtures, appliances,
built-ins. In addition there will be necessary construction notes
and all schedules.

2. There will be drawings of all 4 exterior elevations.
Also there will be a roof plan showing overhangs of roof,
the roof pitches and other roof related structures.
Exteriors will indicate finish material detailing necessary to achieve a
finished product as agreed upon in the sketch stage.

3.There will be construction detailing and structural notes
and schedules to clarify the building system.

4. From information you provide we will draw a plot plan which
will indicate where you want to place the house on the property.
It will also show drives, walks, fences and any other structures
that will be necessary for your contractor to know.

5. We will provide a foundation plan done in a system acceptable
to your area. However we recommend you have a local structural engineer
to check the details to conformity to local codes and conditions.

6. Things we do not include are, heating and air conditioning plans,
electrical and plumbing engineering details and riser diagrams.

7. Material list and quantity take off are available at additional cost.

8. We will supply you with 6 copies of the completed drawings and
6 additional copies of the floor plans. Any additional sheets are
$2.00 each + S & H. If you want vellum for reproduction they are available
at $5 per page. All drawings will be on a min. of 24" x 36" sheets.