Getting Started

We suggest that you do a little reviewing in the home you now have.
With a measuring tape, check the room sizes you now have and try
to determine the minimum room sizes you can live with in your new home.

It seems, regardless of our status in life, most clients have a
Champaign appetite and a Beer pocket book. So use
minimums for room sizes to help keep total project in the budget.
In order for us to keep project within your budget, you must provide
us with your total budget for the project.
(Please fax or email your total budget to us)

Please click on the below link and print out the room chart form to use it
when you begin measuring your home. Please fax the chart to us at 214-327-4181.

Printable Room Chart
We will use any information you wish to send in addition to the Room Chart form.
You may have an idea you have found that explains
your style and would like to fax, mail or e-mail a scan of it.


If you would like to consider using us to help design your home
then please fill out the following form:

Email Address:
Do you have land?
How soon do you plan to build?
Do you know what the max width and depth of house would fit on your build site?
Have you checked the deed restrictions and/or building codes in your new site area? If yes then please fill out the following:

Minimum area of house allowed:

Maximum height allowed:

Exterior building materials allowed:

Garage Access:

Any other restrictions you feel that would apply?

Do you have a special view you want to major on?
Which direction will your new home face?
Choose an Exterior Style that you like. If you don't know then click here.